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Beemer and nadia bjorlin dating

David Martin (biological father; deceased) Julie Olson (biological mother) Scott Banning (adoptive father; deceased) Janet Banning (adoptive mother; deceased) Richard Martin (biological paternal half-brother; deceased) John Martin (biological paternal grandfather) Helen Martin (biological paternal grandmother) Ben Olson (biological maternal grandfather) Addie Horton (biological maternal grandmother; deceased) Tom Horton Sr.(biological maternal great-grandfather; deceased) Alice Grayson (biological maternal great-grandmother; deceased) Sid Grayson (biological maternal great-great-grandfather) Abigail Grayson (biological maternal great-great-grandmother) Steven Olson (biological maternal uncle) Spencer Olsen (biological maternal cousin) Hope Williams (biological maternal half-aunt) Shawn-Douglas Brady (biological maternal half-cousin) Zack Brady (biological maternal half-cousin; deceased) Ciara Brady (biological maternal half-cousin) Claire Brady (biological maternal first half-cousin once removed) Tommy Horton Jr.When his body was not found David was pronounced dead.David eventually stumbled out of the river and was taken in by the Grant family, where he met and fell in love with Valerie Grant.Family Trees: Scan the many branches of the Olson family tree.Family Trees: Scan the many branches of the Banning family tree.David grew tired of running, and turned himself in, but by that time Alex had cleared David of shooting him.However later when Renee was attacked by the strangler David was accused of attacking her and being the strangler, but when Renee awoke from her come she cleared David.

In his will Stefano said in order to earn their inheritance Tony and Renee had to live under the same roof for one year, and Renee had to stay married to David Banning.

However, on the way to prison the truck carrying him and others crashed and David managed to escape and hid in a basement of a radio station building.

Renee soon found him and he helped keep him hidden.

When Nick ordered Valerie to pick up the money she refused and knocked Nick out.

She picked up the money from Julie and gave it to David so he could escape from Salem.

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David had crossed many people's paths, and thought it best he split, so he left Trish, took Scotty, and left Salem. Soon after David found Alex Marshall in his office, he had been shot and David had picked up the murder weapon.