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Consolidating excel files into one

Then you can select to open a spreadsheet file that includes a cell range you need to merge.

After selecting the required cells, you can press the Expand Dialog button on the right of the Consolidate – Reference window to return to the main Consolidate window.

The Consolidate Worksheets Wizard is one third-party add-on that you can combine, consolidate and join worksheets from multiple Excel files with.

The add-on is retailing at £23.95 on the website, and it’s compatible with all the most recent Excel versions from 2007 up.

Note that you can’t copy multiple items to the clipboard in Windows, so paste each cell range first before copying further cells.

However, you can copy multiple items with third-party clipboard manager software packages covered in this Tech Junkie guide.

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If so, there are various ways you can combine worksheets, or selected data, from separate Excel spreadsheets into one.

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