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Datingsider priser Mariagerfjord

At length - after the elapse of nearly two years - we succeeded in producing porcelain of an acceptable quality, and besides figurines decorated with under glaze colors we now began to produce "crackled" porcelain, - vases, bowls, bowls with cover, etc.

After a couple of years I passed the final examination and then went to France to study at the "Ecole professionelle de l'Etat" in Vierzon, where a ceramic section was found: Back in Denmark again in 1923 I very soon came in touch with a Venetian glasswork wanting to establish a smaller porcelain factory.

The most important part was the building or construction of a kiln of a moderate size; being used serving kilns of big dimensions we got into serious trouble with this smaller one, and during the first year most of the firings totally failed, and the contents were as a whole worthless.

But such is the lot of the ceramic artist's, - he must not give up, but try, try and try again, and even if things often seemed pretty awkward to us, we had our minds set on that job to a degree that we in a way overlooked the financial risk we had entered into.

Gråbrødrekloster Museet er et underjordisk museum, som ligger 3 meter under en af byens travleste gågader, Algade.

I museet fortælles historien om gråbrødreklosteret, men også historien om bl.a.

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nsker De at se vort figur salgsudvalg, flg venligst linket nedenfor:: Dahl Jensen figurines # 1200 - 1299.. He was born on July 23rd 1874 in the small town of Nibe in Jutland.

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