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After the war, Vivec became an important adviser of Nerevar, alongside Sotha Sil, and Nerevar's wife, Almalexia.These three people became Nerevar's most trusted advisers and were known as the Tribunal.Dumac, who still did not know of the Numidium, was angered by Nerevar's insolence and the two friends argued bitterly.This dispute led to what would be known as the War of the First Council.After the Nerevar's rebellion in 1E 416, Nerevar forged an alliance between the Chimer and the Dwemer which fully united the province under a new government, known as the First Council.Vivec, Sotha Sil, and Almalexia were wary about the new alliance with the Dwemer King, Dumac Dwarf-Orc, believing that the peace between the Chimer and their old enemies would never last.discovered that the Dwemer High Priest and Tonal Architect, Kagrenac, had been building a new construct known as the Numidium that would harness the power of the recently-discovered Heart of Lorkhan.The Numidium was seen as a complete mockery of the Chimer faith and was a potential threat to all of Resdayn.

Vivec was known to be very public before his extraordinary loss of power, which began with the revival of Dagoth Ur.Because of this, Vivec has gained the reputation of being the most popular deity of the Tribunal.One of Vivec's main duties is to guard the people of Vvardenfell from the evils of Red Mountain.After taking the Oath, Nerevar and Vivec went back to Red Mountain to retrieve the tools from Voryn Dagoth.Voryn however, refused to hand over Kagrenac's tools to Nerevar, and it was soon realized that he had secretly used the tools in Nerevar's absence and was corrupted by their power.

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and giving Nerevar, Voryn Dagoth, and Alandro Sul the chance to sneak into the Heart Chamber of Red Mountain, where Numidium was being constructed.

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