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The Ancient Indian Classical School of Music “Dhrupad” was finetuned here and spread to various parts of India to acquire local flavours.

Known as “The City of Music”, the legendary musician Tansen also belonged to Gwalior and became one of the nine jewells of Emperor Akbar’s court. Thereafter the city responded so well to music that few members of every family took classical music as their life time passion.

Gwalior has beautiful large Fort Palace built during Tomar dynasty who were connossieurs of Art & Music.

Exquisite stone works can still be found here inspite of immoral plundering by vested interests.

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Gwalior has kept pace with time making it emerge as a vibrant city of Madhya Pradesh.

It is centrally located 317 kms from Delhi and 400 kms from Bhopal.The industrial history of the Gwalior dates back to later part of 19th Century when Birlas established their Textile business.The well known Grasim & Gwalior suiting brand was born in this region.Its system of volume is based on high product quality.Its increasing attention to quality and ability to understand, make gravin india a partner of excellence.

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