Nigeriaanse bende dating

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Nigeriaanse bende dating

But scripting and automation represent only the tip of the iceberg with Python.

Python is used for general application programming.

Finally, Python is not the best choice when speed is an absolute priority in every aspect of the application.

For that you're better off with C/C or another language of that caliber.

Also worth noting are the sorts of tasks Python is not well-suited for.

Python is a high-level language, so it's not suitable for system-level programming - device drivers or OS kernels are straight out.

Or to rapidly prototype applications that will be implemented in one or more other languages.It's also not ideal for situations that call for cross-platform standalone binaries.You could build a standalone Python app for Windows, Mac, and Linux, but not elegantly or simply.Developers spend more time thinking about the problem they're trying to solve, and less time thinking about language complexities or deciphering code left by others. Python is both popular and widely used, as the high rankings in surveys like the Tiobe Index and the large number of Git Hub projects using Python attest.Python runs on every major operating system and platform, and most minor ones too.

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