Outlook gal not updating in cached mode

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Outlook gal not updating in cached mode

With Diagnostics Logging for .– Default Offline Address List On closer inspection:– The reason these recipients show up in the “All Users” Address List is because that Address List is not part of the OAB – only the Default GAL is, as shown in the screenshot below..– The address on the General tab was corrected to match the default email address – [email protected]– The OAB was regenerated, and complete OAB downloaded in the Outlook client. And thus was solved the mystery of the missing recipients.

It can take up to 24 hours before all clients have the new or updated accounts in their Address Book.

In this case your global address book will update each time Send/Receive is pressed.

Note for Mac Users: Mac versions of Outlook do not connect to the Exchange server in the same way as PC versions.

You are unable to see his information in your address book.

It may be that the information from the Exchange server has not yet flowed to your local Outlook program.

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