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Who is cher dating in 2016

The former DWTS contestant underwent several gender reassignment procedures between 2008-2010, and he's also shed 75lbs since 2012.

The 71-year-old Oscar winner - who boasts 6.2M social media followers - gushed: 'You're a talented artist..if from sec I saw scene in film. 'As a huge fan of #AHS since the first season, (Murder House) I'm here to tell you that #AHSCult is going to be incredible!

(Phys.org)—Douglas Petrovich, an archaeologist with Ontario's Wilfrid-Laurier University in Canada has sparked controversy in the ancient history scholarly community by making claims that he has found proof that Hebrew is the world's oldest alphabet.

He has been speaking to media outlets in conjunction with the self-publication of a book he has written regarding his findings called simply World's Oldest Alphabet.

I think the fans are going to love it.'The Dirty actor - who refuses to play trans characters - had previously portrayed Lot Polk/Brian Wells in five episodes of last year's installment, AHS: Roanoke.'It's just a decision that I made at least at this point, until I get established,' Bono explained to People last year.

Chaz (born Chastity) wrote on Facebook: 'I'm so excited, honored, and humbled to be a part of this epic season.

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He’s not a president, he’s a weak man with a grudge”.

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